Reviews of Sugar Beach Events


This venue is incredible!! Sugar Beach Events absolutely needs to be seen in person because pictures do not do it any justice. The building is wonderfully thought out with everything you may need for your occasion. The views out the back of the venue are amazing as you look across the ocean surrounded by palm trees and sand. This is the perfect place for any event- weddings, anniversary parties, birthdays, you name it!

Chef Lee is supremely talented and will create a menu that is to die for. She works hard to not only be good at what she does, but to be good at what she does for YOU. She truly accommodates any palate and menu preferences. Her food is impeccably presented and tastes even more delightful!

The rest of the staff at Sugar Beach is so helpful and very friendly! They are willing to answer any question you may have and are eager to please in any way possible. The Team that is there is truly working to help you and to make everything happen just the way you envision.

Cheers to this beautiful venue and all those that work so hard at Sugar Beach Events!LeAnna

As soon as I walked into Sugar Beach Events venue, I was blown away and knew immediately that it was the place where I would get married. The venue is right on the beach, with a beautifully landscaped lawn separating the building from the sand. The building is less than a year old, so it’s very modern with a Hawaiian influence. I connected with Chef Lee and Yvette right away, who were very welcoming and built so much excitement for the big day! Chef Lee owns the venue and creates the most delicious and most creative dishes I have ever tasted. Yvette is a wonderful wedding planner, who’s vision for design and decor is incredible! I gave her my two colors and she came up with so many wonderful ideas, making the wedding so special. As soon as I left that day, I canceled the other venue appointments I had lined up. Chef Lee and Yvette were a pleasure to work with, and I always felt like they were going above and beyond to make sure everything was in line, and the day went smoothly. We received so many compliments on the venue, the food, and the design of the wedding. If I could do it all over, I wouldn’t change a thing! Once you step foot in this place, you won’t want to have your event anywhere else! It’s a must-see!Erin

I cannot say enough great things about Sugar Beach Events! My wedding was more than I ever dreamed it would be! Chef Lee was so amazing, thoughtful, kind, and helpful throughout the whole process. Her staff was awesome too! The day of my wedding, everything was taken care of, and it couldn’t have been better. All my guests had a fantastic time, and everyone who sees the pictures says it looks like a wedding from a fairy tale! Sugar Beach Events is the best!!Private Client

We really enjoy working with Lee and her staff at Sugar Beach Events. They are very professional, very positive, and always have a “can do” attitude. The results have been terrific!Maureen and Carver Wilson, Maui Floral

Choosing the right venue is an important part of your wedding. It’s where your friends and family will gather and spend the day celebrating with you. It provides the setting for the exchange of vows, and the first kiss as husband and wife. And it serves as the background to the video and photos which help to preserve the memory of your special day. And because of all this, the immaculate Grand Hall and gorgeous beachfront lawn of Sugar Beach Events Hawaii is everything a bride and groom could ask for, and more.

Chef Lee has gone to great lengths to not only create a beautiful venue, but also assemble an amazing team who make it their personal mission to ensure your wedding is as perfect as can be. And they’re not only accommodating for you and your guests, but also to your vendors – which really helps to make our jobs a little easier. Every time we’re brought onboard for a wedding at SBE, we know we’ve got a great day ahead of us.  And of course, the food is fantastic.

Sugar Beach Events of Hawaii is definitely one of Maui’s best choices for weddings and special events.Chris Cabotage, CKCinema

Thank you all so much for making our special day so extraordinary. When planning a wedding 2000miles away needless to say its normal to be a little concerned. Chef Lee, and Jessica took us under their wing and explained absolutely everything, and didn’t exclude even the tiniest little details.

When we walked into the venue for the first time I had to take a minute to take it all in, the views, the elegant modern style it was incredible. Chef Lee catered our event, and the food was out of this world.

Over a month later we are still receiving compliments on our beautiful service, and how perfectly detailed everything was.

If you are looking for a venue for any special occasion this is it!

We look forward to coming back and visiting the site, and when we are in town again with family we will be back to celebrate!Austin and Katie Bowers

Sugar Beach Events is one of Maui’s most welcoming and versatile wedding venues! It is clean, modern, and well thought out. No other venue is closer to the beach…with an amazing outdoor and indoor area that can accommodate weddings both large or small. Everything about Sugar Beach Events is well thought out! They are the only location in South Maui fully dedicated to and built from the ground up specifically with weddings in mind. I’ve been photographing weddings on Maui for over 13 years and hoping for a place like this to finally make it on to the scene– now that they are here, I can’t wait to shoot my next wedding at Sugar Beach Events!Mike Sidney, Mike Sidney Photography

This was a brand new venue that was built July 2013. This venue is TO die for and has SUCH amazing views. Chef Lee is SUCH a great owner and chef to work with. In times of confusion, i.e, state of Hawaii, they charge additional tip for beverage, food, staff, she took the time to explain it to me. Totally would recommend this venue. The only thing I would say is the bathroom is not connected to the bridal suite, so I would not recommend both parties getting ready at the same place. Also, if you did, the groomsmens would be getting ready upstairs in a loft area. But other than this, GREAT location!Private Client

Sugar Beach Events is one of the best event planning companies in Maui. The events are creative, edgy, and everything you could want it to be. The attention to detail can not be beat. Sugar Beach Events is definitely a result of a creative genius team, workaholics, and years of dedication to the art of hospitality. You will not find anything like this around. Finally after so many months of watching her team work their way up, they are getting the recognition for their work.Rodrigo Botta, Rio Event Design

Chef Lee was amazing to work with! Just talking to her over the phone you can tell how passionate she is about what she does. Her food is unbelievable and she went out of her way to customize her menu for our wedding. Very accommodating! Loved working with her and her team.Grace

Chef Lee and Sugar Beach Events helped make my wedding so fantastic! They provided both our food and beverage service and I could not be happier. The food was phenomenal and our guests are still raving about how delicious everything was. The bar staff was accommodating and beyond friendly. As the bride, the staff constantly made sure that I had my glass filled and even brought me some extra food since I was busy greeting our guests and they wanted to make sure I had enough to eat. The personal touch of this company will help me to recommend them to any and everyone that I know looking for a catering on Maui. Chef Lee was always so great to communicate with and when we had our tasting and got to experience her gorgeous venue we knew we had picked the right one. Thank you to your and your wonderful staff for such a fantastic job!Tamara

Finally! This is really the first place on Maui built with not just weddings but any and all types of events in mind. State-of-the-art facilities inside and out, attention to all the details. A kitchen designed and operated by a world class chef. And location, location, location!  Beachfront with spectacular views and sunsets on Maui’s South shore. As a vendor, I love working with the entire team at Sugar Beach Events. Class and professionalism at its finest!Dan Viola, DJ Dan Maui, LLC

A wonderful spot, a wonderful space for you, your friends and family for your special day!Private Client

I’m excited to be working with Sugar Beach Events and Chef Lee. The venue is first class, with a great staff and selection of food and desserts. Plus the location is perfect for cinematography & photography, offering breathtaking views of Maui’s south coast and fabulous sunsets.Wedding Movies Maui

Sugar Beach Events Venue is a blend of quaint elegance and tropical bliss. It’s a beautiful canvas in which a bride can paint her own unique event by adding touches of her own style. We’ve done several events there and they always turn out amazing.Mike Werner, President of Pacific Isle Rentals

We love working at Sugar Beach! Not only is it a gorgeous venue, but it has a great location and it is oceanfront. The location is designed with their clients and vendors in mind, so it is very convenient for everyone. You will not be disappointed with choosing Sugar Beach for your upcoming event.Joey Dang, Manutea Nui E

I can honestly say that Sugar Beach Events is one of my favorite venues for shooting, especially weddings. The stunning Maui ocean with its deep blue water color makes for an ideal backdrop, as well as the numerous beautiful settings around the property there. All of that included with the superb dining, entertainment and floral arrangements makes Sugar Beach one of Maui’s ideal locations.Mike Waltze, Mike Waltze Films

Chef Lee and the team at Sugar Beach Events have built a phenomenal venue paired with an outstanding team that just wowed our guests. From the big things to the smaller details, they excelled beyond our expectations.

We had originally planned a casual beach wedding in Maui. After seeing Sugar Beach Events and speaking with Chef Lee about the options, we were sold. The venue provides a great mix of indoor/ outdoor plus private area on the grass right alongside the beach. It can just as easily suit a formal event to a casual event. From the time you enter Sugar Beach Events, you’re taken back into a private, but spacious locale with the best of all worlds (indoor, private outdoor and beach).

We were coming from the mainland and didn’t have the luxury of meeting with different vendors to plan and coordinate everything related to the event. Chef Lee’s team kicked right in and helped fill in the gaps including the floral arrangements. Right down to the smallest of details, they had it handled. And we loved what they did to create a “kid’s table” that was very kid-friendly with plenty of things to tinker with.

At the event, everything was ready to go and Chef Lee’s team was ready to assist at every turn. The food was incredible and presentation impressive! It could have easily been served at any high-end restaurant on the island. And it wasn’t just the big things that they hit on. It was the little things too! At a wedding or other event, it’s often that the main guests (i.e.: Bride/ Groom) don’t get a chance to sample the appetizers. During tray passing, they went out of their way to sneak in between pictures to offer us something to eat & drink. In addition, they had a special presentation of the appetizers waiting at the table for just us! It’s little things like this that really stand out and differentiate excellent from outstanding.

We would completely recommend Sugar Beach Events and would absolutely love to have another event there in the future.Tim

We absolutely LOVE working with Sugar Beach Events. Chef Lee and her professional, passionate team are able to create gorgeous weddings with ease, time and time again. From a cinematographer’s standpoint, we love filming there because every angle is beautiful. The classic style of the building, grassy lawn, beach and ocean front views create the perfect backdrop for capturing your special day. We especially love seeing the Sugar Beach Events team magically transform the space with lighting, color and furnishings, bringing many different visions to fruition. Sugar Beach Events also has an amazing kitchen and staff to consistently create food that is not only absolutely delicious but presented beautifully, too. Chef Lee has really done an amazing job of curating a great team and it’s always a pleasure getting to be part of it. Aloha! 🙂Kent Rayhill and Darlene Lesiak, Ohana Films

For those reading this testimonial, we realize that time is scarce and a resource you cannot reclaim – we’ll be brief and to the point. Your wedding is an investment in both family and memory (two of the most precious aspects in life, think about it). Sugar Beach Events will provide you an instant return on investment.

As we’ve grown in years, we’ve come to realize the difference that professionals make. The more corners you cut, the better likelihood for a diminished experience. Trust us when we say that Chef Lee, Carl, and Denise are the definition of awesome. No, they are not compensating us for these comments. These are from the heart. If you doubt that remark, ask Chef Lee for our contact information and call us directly. Seriously.

We’ve been fortunate to understand our sources of happiness in life, and believe that it’s not in our financial status. There were often nights of contemplation regarding the recipients of our limited assets. We chose Sugar Beach Events amidst a field of eight locations aboard Maui. Their product exceeded all expectations. Put us on record, we cannot imagine a more competent team, with such kindness, to ensure that a paramount event operated as intended. Sadly, it’s rare that you are privy to individuals who seek responsibility and take action in high stress situations; however, Denise positioned herself at every critical friction point on our unbelievable evening. Chef Lee’s ridiculously phenomenal cuisine fed 200 people – off the charts. Allow us to describe Carl: the most positive and attentive bar manager we’ve been exposed to. As a result, the bar received begs and pleads to remain open all night…

We’re two 28 year olds with backgrounds in federal and medical service. After a year (yes, we reserved our date 12 months in advance – we knew immediately upon walking through the front doors) of instrumental financial management, we funded our ceremony independently. It’s possible. And, most importantly, it’s worth it. Our unforgettable event was held on 15 January 2016. This account is current and relevant.

The venue creates a unique atmosphere, separating you from the busyness of the demanding world; the night was infused with comments of, “best wedding ever”, “this view brought tears to my eyes”, “that was the perfect wedding”. Think we’re joking? Try us. Legitimately, try us. Especially if you haven’t been on site when reading this; doubt us all you want, but walk into the reception hall from the parking lot on a clear day (which is 90%+ part of the year in Kihei) with your counterpart and then develop an opinion.
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