Chef Lee Anderson

Chef Lee Anderson

Chef Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is the Executive chef and owner of Sugar Beach Events on Maui, Hawaii, an internationally recognized ocean front catering venue. She arrived on the island of Maui in 2004 joining the management team of the prestigious Wolfgang Puck restaurant, Spago at the Four Seasons Resort. Working with award winning chefs de cuisine, Adam Condon and Cameron Lewark proved inspirational and pushed her to her dream.

In 2007, she launched Aloha Events catering company. It was here that she made a name for herself within the culinary circle and established herself as a leader in the catering community. Aloha Events was a stepping stone to the bigger picture which is now Sugar Beach Events.

Sugar Beach Events opened its doors July 31, 2013 and Lee has taken a dream and turned it into a multimillion dollar business that employs more than thirty dedicated workers. She has been highlighted on KITV News, Maui Now, Maui News, as a contributor for Catersource Magazine, as well as being a featured chef at several local food events, including the acclaimed Kapalua Wine and Food Festival. Chef Lee was also a finalist for West Coast Catering.

Chef Lee Anderson began cooking in 1990 in her hometown of Charleston, S.C. She is largely a self-taught and educated on-the-job chef. Hard work, dedication, and some early mentorship from creative chefs that she worked with made her the chef she is today. Chefs Doug Czufin and Bobby Fischer were most inspiring and were both with Lee early on in her career and helped her to truly understand what it means to be professional as a chef and influencing her style, using local ingredients, modern and formal techniques.

Lee started out in the corporate world with Restaurant Enterprises Group in Charleston, then Apple South, Inc. outside of Atlanta, Georgia and finally Metromedia Restaurant Group in Florida. She travelled the south-east opening restaurants before moving permanently to Hawaii.

Chef Lee is driven by a passion for inventive and creative cuisine, emphasizing the beauty and simplicity of fresh, local food. She has always been an avid student of cuisine and is often traveling to catering and food conventions for new ideas. Her focus helps keep the business fresh and in line with contemporary trends and satisfies her travel itch from time to time.

She has created an elegant menu with a little whimsy, emphasizing the best ingredients available, seasoned with influences from other cultures. Chef Lee is adamant that catered food of today is very different from that of the past. Her continued passion for food and quest for distinction predicts more delicious meals, devoted clients and praise in the years ahead.