Architect's Essay about our Maui Venue

Architect’s Essay

Exquisite Maui Wedding Venue – Hale O Aloha

Weddings and gatherings in Hawaii are very special because of the wonderful opportunity for all of those involved to enjoy the splendor of the Hawaiian islands and their dream of extending aloha to all things. That is the inspiration behind the design and creation of this beautiful Maui venue on the beach, ‘Hale O Aloha’ the Wedding Hale of Aloha.

Responding to and embracing the environmental elements, Hawaiian cultural heritage, functions of the venue, and the vision of those who brought the idea forward is what set the ground for the design of this beautiful Maui venue.

The roof is the primary element as in all Hawaiian hale (buildings) for protection of the sun, wind, and rain. This roof is a modern version designed to accomplish the same and respect the older style. Its base extends wide beyond the venue, sloping gently and then more directly toward the sky heavens (lani).

Lava rock walls are used to reflect with respect the ancient Hawaiian he’au or ahu which are gathering places, markers, or platforms for buildings. The lava rock walls incorporated here are the venue’s arms gently reaching out to embrace (e apo) and welcome our visitors and family (ohana).

The expansive roof is held up by stone columns designed to subtly invoke the appearance of stone poi pounders (pohaku ku’i ‘ai). The poi pounder is a finely carved pohaku (stone) soft to the touch and with enough weight for the user to pound a baked kalo root to make poi (a Hawaiian food staple). The pohaku ku’i ‘ai is my intended symbol to acknowledge the bonding strength of marriage necessary to be nourished by its rewards.

The interior of the venue under one roof unified and embraced as one (lokahi) is a broad expansive space that is open toward the ocean (makai) and mountain (mauka). This provides a wide range of functionality for users and to allow the flow and spirit of Aloha to move freely from the far ocean horizons to the top of the mountains.

The ocean facing front of the venue is all glass which is retractable to welcome in (e komomai) the ocean breeze and fresh air as well as give an unobstructed and broad view of the magnificent ocean front yard, sandy beach, wide flowing ocean, islands beyond, and glowing Maui evening sunsets.

It is my wish and pleasure to be able to wehe (open & share) for you the service of this Ka male ‘ana (marriage) Hale O Aloha.

— George A. Rixey, AIA Architect

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