photo: chris j evans | Rainy Day Maui Wedding

Amazing Maui Venue No Matter The Weather

photo: chris j evans | Rainy Day Maui Wedding

When thinking about what makes Sugar Beach Events so special, one can point to a lot of things. The amazing oceanfront property with its glorious sunset views, owner Chef Lee’s commitment to excellence, the impeccable attention to detail from their designers and coordinators, the highly trained professional staff and crew, but perhaps the one thing that separates SBE from every other wedding destination on the island, is it’s beautiful and stunning venue, Hale O Aloha’ (in Hawaiian – the House of Aloha).

A one of a kind facility geared primarily for weddings and similar events, Hale O Aloha boasts a grand ballroom, a private bridal salon, a magnificent spiral stairway and a restaurant quality kitchen. It can also host up to 200 guests indoors, something no other dedicated wedding venue on Maui can claim. This, by the way, can come in handy when the unexpected and somewhat rare weather event happens, rain.

Though we all hope that our day of days will be perfect and glorious with butterflies fluttering in the air and cartoon birds tweeting in the trees nearby and really don’t want to think about the words “rain” and “wedding day” in the same sentence, it is smart to be prepared and informed about what “could” happen. So take a big breath and read on (it’s not as bad as you think).

You’ve been planning your wedding for months and maybe even dreaming about this day for years. You and your wedding planner have gone over every last detail of your perfect outdoor wedding and you don’t even want to think about rain. How rainy can it really be in Hawaii?

Maui Rainfall Map

Hawaii Climate

Hawaii is blessed to have a mild climate all year round, with average temperatures of 75-88˚ F (24-31˚ C) at sea-level from April to November and average temperatures of 68-80˚ F (20-27˚ C) from December to March.

The actual temperature change isn’t very dramatic between seasons, but rather where you are on the islands can make a big difference in the weather and precipitation. Due to its varied landscape and elevation, Hawaii is home to many microclimates, which means certain areas of every island get more rain than the other parts. Unlike areas on the Mainland prone to frontal storm systems which can span thousands of miles, these microclimates can often cause the weather to change over the course of less than a mile.

Leeward and Windward

Understanding the terms windward and leeward can help you choose a wedding venue that is in a drier microclimate, making it less likely that you will have to use your rain backup plan.

Every Hawaiian island has a windward and a leeward side, which typically describes how windy and dry/moist that area is. Hawaii’s trade winds blow from the northeast to the southwest, bringing moister air with them. As the trade winds hit a volcanic mountain, the air cools and creates clouds. The clouds then produce rain on the windward side. Simply put, windward is the north and east shores from which the wind is blowing and is the wetter side of the island, while south and west shores make up the leeward side which is drier and more shielded from the wind.

Maui Weather

On Maui, the wetter windward side consists of areas including Hana, Haiku, Paia, most of Upcountry (Makawao, Kula, Pukalani) as well as Kapalua and Napili. The drier leeward side includes Kihei, Wailea, Makena, Lahaina, and (barely) Kaanapali.

Although microclimates affect Maui’s weather pattern, our island can still encounter big cold fronts or hurricanes. Rain storms will frequently dissipate over Kauai and Oahu before reaching Maui, but occasionally storm systems will cover the entire island or state. It is especially during these times that you will be grateful to have a rainy day backup plan.

Rainy Wedding Day

When you’re planning an outdoor wedding, as many do in Hawaii, it’s not enough to hope that the weather will cooperate on your special day. It’s heartbreaking to hear about weddings that had to be canceled or completely relocated due to inclement weather. You can prepare for many things, but unfortunately no one can control Mother Nature and weather forecasts can be wrong. The best thing to do is to have as much of a backup plan as possible, to save you the extra stress of having to come up with one at the last minute.

Be sure to find out what happens at your wedding venue in case of rainy/windy weather:

  • Is there a standard backup plan in place for inclement weather?
  • In what circumstances (if any) would your wedding need to be completely rescheduled?
  • Would a tent rental be required/recommended and how much would that cost for your estimated guest count?
  • Can you see photos of weddings that took place when the weather wasn’t ideal (rainy, overcast)?

If the forecast seems questionable days before the wedding:

  • Find out when (how long before the ceremony) you would need to decide whether to go ahead with the original plan or go with Plan B.
  • If many of your wedding photos were supposed to take place outside, ask your photographer if there are other locations nearby that you might be able drive to for outdoor shots.
  • Consult with your hair and makeup artist to make sure your chosen look will hold up in potential wind/rain.

Backup Plan at Sugar Beach Events

Sugar Beach Events is an oceanfront venue on the gorgeous south side of Maui in North Kihei, which is known for being sunny with the least amount of rainfall. Their location has enabled them to host many beautiful outdoor weddings. In fact, there have been a few weddings where they thought the ceremony would have to moved indoors because of hurricane forecasts, but were pleasantly surprised when not single drop of rain appeared.

And the great thing is, even if a wedding ceremony and reception has to be moved indoors, Sugar Beach Events has the venue and expertise to do so effortlessly and still make your wedding day, the day of your dreams.

Our Venue inspired by Hawaiian culture

Our venue was inspired by Hawaiian culture and built to withstand and embrace environmental elements. While we never enjoy making the rain call (and thankfully we hardly have to!), it’s nice to let our clients know that your indoor backup plan is readily accessible and easy to implement at Sugar Beach Events. This means you won’t have to change your wedding date, location, or deal with calling your guests to change plans. If we do have to move your ceremony indoors, you will be walking towards the all-glass, ocean facing front of the venue, allowing for any available natural sunlight and views of nature.

Below are two examples of indoor wedding ceremonies here at Sugar Beach Events. Both couples were able to take some lovely romantic photos outdoors following the ceremony.

On This Day We Two Shall Wed…
On February 14th, 2015 we celebrated the marriage of Riasha and Zeb

Photographer: Chris J Evans Photography

Flower girls pose in front of the bride's gown

Indoor ceremony option at Sugar Beach Events - Maui wedding venue

Although it is rainy outside, you can still see the ocean and palm trees

Aerial view of indoor ceremony area at Sugar Beach Events

Riasha and Zeb's indoor Maui wedding ceremony at Sugar Beach Events

First dance

Walking through the garden path at Sugar Beach Events

Happy to be married on Maui

Sun popping through the clouds after a rained out Maui wedding ceremony

Here is another example of an indoor wedding ceremony here at Sugar Beach Events.

On This Day We Two Shall Wed…
On October 18th, 2014 we celebrated the marriage of Emily and Scott

Photographer: Anna Kim Photography

The Bride and her father make their entrance on our spiral staircase

Aerial view of bride's processional for indoor Maui ceremony at Sugar Beach Events

Maui indoor ceremony, backup plan for rainy wedding day

Completion of indoor Maui wedding ceremony

Maui Newlyweds

A twirl on the beach

There is a wise saying that a sprinkle of rain on your wedding day symbolizes a sprinkling of blessings for your new life together. So, if you find there is rain forcasted for your special day, see it as a blessing and rest assured that Sugar Beach Events has a beautiful back-up plan for just in case.

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