Mieko Photography

A Behind the Scenes Look at a Food Photo Shoot

Mieko Photography

The important tool in a caterer’s arsenal is the photo. The photo of the exact dish the client wants to serve at their event. Do you know what the most difficult thing is for a caterer to get? A perfect photo of the dish the client wants to serve at their event.

I take a lot of photos at my events from the kitchen. Some of them turn out okay. I mean, I’m no Anna Kim, but I get the job done. The important part of that for me is that my potential client sees EXACTLY what we are putting out at live events. Nothing staged, no perfect lighting and not arranged with 20 minutes of time to kill. Real, live, action shots.

When you are putting a website together or coming up with new menu items it is important that you come up with gorgeous photos to show couples and corporate clients what you can do for them. It is my job to paint a picture of the culinary journey we will take. I have a series of new images that do just that.

I had the great fortune of working with Mieko Horikoshi to create the images of the latest additions for the Sugar Beach Events menu. It was such a pleasing experience. I am very particular with my food and I have a very specific look and direction; however, I try to be open minded when it comes to the photography because I am not the professional and I yield to her eye. Mieko and I worked really well together and she got the look I envisioned and feeling I was hoping to evoke.

Take a look at the process below. I’ve done food shoots in the past where we used hair spray and oil and all types of “things” to make food look better, but not this time. The only thing we had to use was some fake ice cream. Mieko was a dream maker. Enjoy the behind the scenes photos.

behind the scenes

food photography

behind the scenes photography

shooting food

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  1. I enjoyed working with you too! Thank you so much for asking me to photograph your creations. And, Thank you so much for such a nice blog! I will share this page on my page!! 🙂 Hope to work with you again, Chef Lee!

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