Sugar Beach Events Sales Staff

Let Me Tell You About My Staff

Sugar Beach Events Sales Staff

I have some of the most amazing people in the industry working with me. If I have learned anything in my thirty plus years in the restaurant industry, it is to surround myself with really smart and talented people. I must be a great picker, because I have some of the best in the business.

Let me tell you a little about some of the key players in the sales office at Sugar Beach Events. Some you know, some you do not.

Director of Catering Sales

Jessica Clark – Director of Catering Sales

Jess has been with me from darn near day one. I remember when my first planner and friend Yvette introduced us. I knew there was something special in her and she quickly took control of the office and helped set up systems as well as started taking over the booking of events. Anyone who has worked with Jess speaks to her amazing work ethic and ability to make things happen. She has been the backbone to the office and we are all so grateful for here leadership and experience.

Kristen Sterback - Event Designer

Kristen Sterback – Event Designer

Talk about someone who loves her job. Kristen wants nothing more than to make every client feel like they have had the most incredible wedding ever. Everyone thinks weddings are all about the fun and beauty. It actually takes a LOT of work to get to the fun and beauty part. Without a very organized planner, the day itself can be quite bumpy. I tell every client I ever meet the most important vendor to hire is a wedding planner. They can really make or break the wedding. The process for the couple doesn’t have to be daunting or difficult. Get Kristen and you are sure to have the day you dreamed about.

Victoria Hoag - Corporate Event Coordinator

Victoria Hoag – Corporate Event Coordinator

Victoria is dedicated solely to assist our corporate partners with putting together events here at Sugar Beach Events. She and I work closely to come up with many ideas that might appeal to a large audience of guests from around the globe. She has her hands in many pies here on the island. She is in charge or our in-flight catering, corporate lunch drop-off accounts, fundraisers, and off-site corporate catering events. She has taken our corporate division and really turned it into a special department.

Gabrielle Robinson- Assistant

Gabrielle Robinson- Assistant

The always lively and energetic Gabrielle came to us with a fresh approach and with eyes wide open. She has a depth of knowledge, but needed more direction and hands on experience. Well, she definitely came to the right place. She really keeps us all in line and provides support in every area of Sugar Beach Events. We all look to her for keen insight when we are trying to get in the head of what a client might think or react about something. She is the epitome of a great team player and a great right hand for me.

I hope you enjoy meeting my office staff. They are wonderful, and I am so grateful to have them here. We are like a family. That is the way I run my business. It is essential to the success navigating such an emotional climate. If you have never had the pleasure of meeting them, stop by sometime and say hello. We love visitors.

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