Maui Luau Show - Migrations - Maui's Only Interactive Luau Experience

Private Luau Show
at Sugar Beach Events

The host for the evening is Manutea Nui E, a hula halau of traveling performers and minstrels, lauded for their exquisite dance skills and warm, invigorating energy. This talented troupe has performed just about everywhere on the island, and now they set stakes at Sugar Beach and you are their special guests for this extraordinary Maui luau show – Migrations Luau, Maui’s most intimate interactive luau experience.


What Makes Migrations Unique?

One of the differences you’ll notice quickly is the intimacy. With an audience of no more than 50 guests per night, this is a dramatic departure from other luau shows that often host 200-300 people a night.

Instead of a Las Vegas-style show where you are sitting in audience as a spectator, here you will be immersed in the action of the luau. Performers are not set off on a distant stage, but are so close you can almost feel the breeze stirred by their moving bodies. This closer proximity allows you a more intimate experience with the hula dancers.

Maui Hula Dancers of Maui Luau Show Migrations

The Cuisine

Another aspect of the show that we are excited about is the food. During the course of the evening, you will be served a sumptuous, locally sourced, Pacific Rim-Hawai’ian fusion cuisine that we hope you will find is a sophisticated upgrade to the usual Hawai’ian buffet served at many luau shows. Throughout dinner, our fun tiki cocktails will be available to add to overall experience of Migrations.

Maui luau cuisine

More Than Just a Spectator

One of the things Migrations will do is offer everyone in the audience the chance to be active participants in the experience. For example, the ‘awa drinking ceremony. Each table will have an opportunity to perform this traditional ceremony, an ancient ritual of the Hawai’ian people, which revolves around a drink made with fresh coconut water and ‘awa root. The ceremony is meant to create a space for open communication and the expression of heartfelt emotion, gratitude, and recognition of each other and the earth that sustains us.

Lei-making is a Hawai’ian tradition birthed over centuries. Polynesians honored their gods by twining greens into wreaths and adorning their own bodies with strings of flowers and vines. You will have to opportunity to work with a master lei maker to create your own custom head lei from an assortment of flowers, vines, shells and other traditional elements.

At the end of the evening will be a “talk story” gathering. Here, both audience and troupe, will sit side by side around a fire pit to share thoughts, gratitudes and perhaps even stories. It will be a time to connect with one another beyond who we are as performers and audience, but as individuals and human beings.

authentic luau experience in Maui

Connection – Migration

Manutea Nui E believes we are all one… that the surface differences between each of us is merely an illusion. The true spirit of Aloha cuts through this illusion to see who we really are. The hope and wish is by the end of the evening, the illusion will fade and we will all have a better understanding of our connectedness and how our similarities are much greater than our differences.

In the end, perhaps, the most profound and meaningful migrations are not the physical journeys we make from one land to another, but the inner journeys we travel and embark on.

Highlights of Migrations

  • Beautiful oceanfront location
  • Intimate setting with reservations limited to 50 per performance
  • Authentic Polynesian dance with master of ceremonies, dancers, musicians and fire artists
  • As you arrive, our servers greet you with one of our custom made tiki drinks to begin your journey. Throughout dinner, our fun tiki cocktails will be available to add to overall experience of Migrations.
  • Plated, locally sourced Pacific Rim-Hawai’ian fusion cuisine
  • Traditional ‘awa ceremony with performer at each table
  • Custom head lei made with master lei maker
  • Intimate fire pit talk story session with performers


Family Style Appetizers
Ginger Coconut Chicken Satay, Sweet Chili Sauce
Kalua Pork Pot Sticker, Thai Chili Sauce
Miso Marinated Walu, Sweet Soy, Sushi Rice

Kula Strawberry and Greens, Hearts of Palm, Feta, Walnuts, Poppy Seed Dressing

Coconut Milk Poached Fresh Catch, Basil, Kaffir Lime
Kalua Style Pork, Slow Cooked, Banana Leaf, Hawaiian Salt
Purple Moloka’I Sweet Potato Puree
Lemongrass Scented Rice
Seasonal Kula Vegetables

Family Style Dessert
Assorted Chocolate Truffles
Mini Lilikoi Tarts

note: special dietary requests such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free need to be preordered


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