Antonina and Beau get married on Maui

Maui Wedding of Antonina and Beau

On This Day We Two Shall Wed…
On February 15th, 2013 we celebrated the marriage of Antonina and Beau

Antonina and Beau get married on Maui

The wedding of Antonina and Beau was beautiful and intimate, reminding us that a wedding doesn’t need to have a big guest list to be special and fun. In fact, the intimacy of this celebration really allowed the bride and groom to spend time making long-lasting memories with each of their guests.

Antonina and Beau’s wedding focused on the importance of family and incorporated traditions that made their celebration personal. The Bride’s side of the family were all from Russia and didn’t speak English, so a translator was there to ensure nobody missed a thing. It was heartwarming to see the two families bonding over the love of Antonina and Beau, despite the language barriers. We thank Wailea Photography for providing us with the beautiful photos.

Maui Bride Antonina

Maui wedding ceremony on the beach

Special Maui Wedding Sand Ceremony

maui sand ceremony

The sand ceremony was a nice touch to symbolize their unity. I hope Antonina and Beau remember their wedding day, the bright colors of Maui, and the warm Sugar Beach sand between their toes whenever they see this keepsake.

Another special detail was the old Russian wedding tradition where the bride and groom both take a bite of a round loaf of bread at the same time. Whoever happens to take the largest bite will be the “Boss” or head of the family. The bread is a symbol of hospitality, good health, prosperity and long life. It is a special tradition that hopefully will be passed on to the next generation to come.

marriage bread

The Newlyweds Antonina and Beau

They also chose to cut their wedding cake immediately following the ceremony. Taking this tradition outdoors allowed them to have a little island scenery in their cake cutting photo. Chef Natalie made a 2-tier chocolate cake with a lilikoi cream filling and buttercream frosting. Fresh flowers added a pop of color to simple but delicious cake.

Antonina and Beau with the wedding cake

Cutting the wedding cake

After the formalities of the ceremony and cake cutting, Antonina and Beau were able to kick their shoes off and head down to the beach. All of their loved ones happily posed for some group shots and then the newlyweds were able to escape for a little alone time while their families mingled.

Antonina and Beau head for the beach after the ceremony

Antonina and Beau Maui Beach Wedding

Antonina, Beau and family on Sugar Beach after the ceremony

Appetizer Course: Baked Brie in Puff Pastry

Salad Course: Spinach and Kula greens with strawberries, hearts of palm, feta cheese, walnuts and poppy seed dressing

Entrée Course: Duo of Filet Mignon and Shrimp, Armagnac Reduction, Tangerine Buerre Blanc

Family Wedding Toast

For most of the night, an iPhone provided the tunes but it was really special to have live music played by the Bride’s family. Antonina’s sister, brother-in-law, and nephew brought and played their own instruments to play a song before dinner and for the first dance.

Speaking of the first dance, I also enjoyed watching Beau compete in three different games in order to be able to dance with his new wife.

Family plays music for Antonina and Beau

music played by Antonina's sister and brother-in-law

The First Dance for Antonina and Beau

Warmest wishes for a long life of love and happiness for Antonina and Beau. May they share many more special family-filled moments and may they always remember the start to their beautiful marriage here at Sugar Beach Events.

Thanks again to Wailea Photography for being here to capture the special wedding day!

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