Our Preferred Maui Musicians For Events + Weddings

Preferred Maui Musicians

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Music is an important element in any type of celebration. It creates the mood and tone and adds beauty to an already momentous occasion. Imagine a beautiful harp or violin playing softly during a touching moment of a wedding ceremony. Music can also motivate and uplift spirits and breath life into a special event celebration. Live music and DJs are key to any party by adding that sparkle to the dance floor and getting people up and dancing the night away and having fun.

But, let’s back up and begin with the soft background music perfect for ceremonies or cocktail parties, etc. Just the right amount of ambiance, perfect for an oceanside celebration.


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Ceremony Music

No matter what, one thing is certain… music is an important element to choose during the wedding planning process. From a sweet ukulele player to the romantic throes from a violin, a harp being plucked gently in the sway of the palm trees — ceremony music is key in setting the right tone. Imagine having soft live background music as guests arrive, visit the guest table and then find their seats under the palm trees.

Our favorite ceremony musicians now follow:

Marvin Tevaga on ukulele at Sugar Beach Events in Maui.

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Marvin Tevaga Music – Ukulule

Marvin Tevaga has been playing the ukulele since he was eight years old. And guess what? He hasn’t stopped strumming since. Marvin knows so many beautiful Hawaiian songs. Being born and raised on Maui and surrounded by diverse cultures, he embraces the different styles of music and then plays them in his own signature style.

Marvin Tevaga

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Kaena elebanKa’ena Elabon – Guitarist

Ka’ena Elaban is a Native Hawaiian born and raised on the island of Maui. He grew up listening to Hawaiian music. By the time he turned six years old, he picked up a ukulele and started to learn how to play it. Five years later, he picked up the guitar. Naturally talented, Ka’ena grew up in Hawaii where there is rich cultural diversity. Ka’ena loves this diversity in music. He likes to take music and improvise it into something his own.

Manutea Nui E

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Manutea Nui E – Guitar and Ukulele

Manutea Nui E is a family owned and operated entertainment company that has a large stable of musicians, dancers, entertainers that represent our Island home of Maui. Imagine… ukulele player, hula dancer, fire knife dancer, and the drums. This troupe of entertainers are top notch.

David Wolf maui musician

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David Wolf – Guitarist

David Wolf has a voice so smooth and a nature so laid-back that when he plays his guitar and sings you are transported to a place of bliss. David is who we like to recommend for those clients looking for something other than Hawaiian music. He plays anything from Jack Johnson and Jason Mraz to some of the old classics such as the Beatles, Eric Clapton and James Taylor.

pc: Joanna Tano Photography

pc: Joanna Tano Photography

BareFoot Minded – Guitar and Ukulele
(Duo or Solo Ukulele)

This award winning dynamic duo has a fun and fresh sound like no other musicians on the island. With their energetic beachy vibe and soothing harmonies, you will be swept away by their performance. Their wide selection of music, easy going attitude, and ultimate flexibility make them the perfect wedding duo for ceremonies, cocktails, and dinner. You can also hire ukulele only and still have that contemporary island style vibe.

Barefoot Minded of Maui are perfect for your next event.

Barefoot Minded of Maui is also available solo.

Louise Alborano – Guitar and Ukulele - pc-anna kim

pc: Anna Kim Photography

Louise Alborano – Guitar and Ukulele

Louise Alborano has a gifted voice and plays both guitar and ukulele. She was born and raised here in Kihei, Maui. She has an extensive song list with many local favorites as well as contemporary song selections. A beautiful performer with an infectious Hawaiian smile and soothing voice.

Louise Alborano – Guitar and Ukulele

Cambria Moss Violin - photo Kauau Wedding ing Photography

pc: Kaua Wedding Photography

Cambria Moss – Violin

Cambria Moss began playing the violin at age eight. Her love of the instrument and classical music led her to study classical violin at the University of Washington, Seattle. She continued her studies and music styles from Jazz to the Irish fiddle. She’s performed in classical orchestras, chamber ensembles, duets and solo.

Don V. Lax – Violin - pc- Meewmeew Studios

pc: Meewmeew Studios

Don V. Lax – Violin

Don Lax is a violinist with an international flair. 39 years of experience give his music a flair and fluidity that grace any event.

“I play music from the heart. Whether it’s Bach or Rock, Gypsy or Jazz, Middle Eastern, Tango, Bossa Nova or Irish Folk, what I want to convey is the passion underlying the notes- the soul of the music.”

Kristine Synder – Harp - pc - Kaua

pc: Kaua Wedding Photography

Kristine Synder – Harp

Kristine Snyder began playing piano at the age of 5, found the harp through her older sister and is now the principal harpist in Maui’s two symphonies, the Maui Pops Orchestra and Haleakala Symphony. She has also performed and recorded with other orchestras, symphonies, gospel, and Hawaiian groups.

Harpist Kristine Snyder at Sugar Beach Events - Kaua Photo

pc: Kaua Wedding Photography

Irene Ryding – Harp

There is something angelic about the harp that just pulls on the heart strings with its loveliness. Irene Ryding has a way with the harp playing a blend of music from classical to Hawaiian and many other popular genres.

Music Gets The Party Going

Now let’s talk about music for the wedding reception or gala event. This is where you want a person to make announcements, laugh, sing and get that party going. We recommend either a live band or DJ.



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Often, couples ask if if they should have a live band or a DJ for their wedding reception. While both are great choices, we tend to recommend going with a DJ since they are less expensive than a live band for our budget-minded bride and groom. Their playlist can be customized to include your song requests along with a variety of musical styles and genres. How fun to include a variety of music throughout the night to keep your guests entertained.

DJ Dan in action - Chris J Evans Photo

pc: Chris J Evans Photography

DJ Dan

Fun-loving DJ Dan Maui has well over 25 years of experience as a DJ for nightclubs and live performances. He has experience with every cultural and genre of music imaginable. Super nice guy with an award-winning high level of professionalism and extreme talent, he’s a pro at getting a crowd super pumped.

DJ Dan has a magnetic personality - photo by Kaua

pc: Kaua Wedding Photography

Scott Doran DJ ScottyD

pc: Anna Kim Photography

Maui DJ Services

Maui DJ Services know how to mix and mash your favorite music and serve it up with a professional flair. They are easy to work with and will collaborate with you to ensure that your special event is truly a success. Scott Doran (DJ ScottyD) began Maui DJ Services back in 2010 and has worked with Industry’s big names; such as Maroon 5, Kings of Leon, Michael Buble, Earth, Wind and Fire, etc.

Maui DJ Services

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DJ Skinny GuyDJ Skinny Guy

Ace Beats is home of Randy “DJ Skinny Guy” Bermudez. He’ll get your party guests up and dancing the night away. Very helpful and wanting to work with you to ensure your event is a memorable success! DJ Skinny Guy began Ace Beats back in 2000. A love of mixing is evident. He was on KPMW 105.5 fm for 13 years with music and mix-show duties. He also played on KDLX 94.3 as one of the mixers for their Friday Night House Party mix-show.

Live Music


There’s nothing quite like having a live band at your special event. Live music has the power to stir the soul of even the most stagnant chair-sitters at the reception. Admit it, it’s exciting to experience a live performance. The lead singer of the band usually acts as the master of ceremonies at your wedding reception, interacting with folks and paying close attention to playing and entertaining to the mood of the party.

Shea Derrick and the Full Flavor Band

Dance your heart away with Shea Derrick and the Full Flavor Band. Shea Derrick, a Texas native, has been singing for the past twenty years. With a soulful, rock, funky flair- this songstress captures her audience with each flawless note that will have you singing or dancing along.

Shea Derrick and the Full Flavor Band - Kaua Photo

pc: Kaua Wedding Photography

Barefoot Minded

Barefoot Minded is a great band for receptions. They provide a relaxed atmosphere with soothing island style music while guests are eating dinner and enjoying the beautiful Maui evening. They also are guaranteed to get your guests dancing to the music. They play popular dance songs, oldies , island style reggae songs, and just good old feel good love songs.

Soul Kitchen

Soul Kitchen is a profoundly perfect mixture of the musical styles: blues, jazz, soul, and zydeco – it just happens to be so infectious that you can’t help, but get up on that dance floor. The singer’s voice is amazing; so much soul and depth. The musicians are amazing, along with the washboard! If you want to skip the DJ for your event, these guys are a favorite.

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