stress relief for wedding day

Six Great Ways To Reduce Stress Before Your Maui Wedding Day

stress relief for wedding day

Remaining calm, positive and keeping things in perspective are the keys to a successful romantic wedding experience. Reduce the burden of stress with personal organization, double checking lists and self reflection.

Six Points to Reduce Stress:

1) Try on your gown, organize all your vendors and make contacts before leaving home. Once on Maui, arrange for meetings with your wedding planner and vendors. Confirm final details, payments and last minute changes. Relaxing with your decisions and enjoying the journey reduces stress.

2) Have a single glass of champagne, white wine or a Mai Tai. Sip and enjoy your cocktail with the sounds of the ocean and beautiful Maui sunsets. The combination naturally calms and relaxes frazzled nerves.

3) Hunger management and ample hydration reduces mood swings, hypoglycemia, jitters and overall stress. Minimize caffeine intake, increase water consumption and ingest quality proteins, fruits, vegetables, cheeses and nuts. Enjoy small amounts of Maui’s amazing tropical and culturally inspired entrees throughout your day.

4) Emotional strain is reduced with a beachfront stroll, swimming, yoga, hiking, bicycling and/or low impact exercises. Exercise is a natural stress releaser. Endorphins are chemicals that are unleashed with exercise. These chemicals interact with receptors in the brain that increases self esteem, energizes, deters anxiety and depression. Maui has many outdoor exercise venues and surroundings that are breathtaking and emotionally satisfying.

5) Spend time with close friends to vent, re-energize and socialize. Friends help to reduce stress with heart to heart conversations, laughter, emotional support and encouragement. Friends travel to Maui to be with you, they love you and want to help. Let them help reduce planning burdens by entrusting some of the tasks to them.

6) Indulge in a spa, pedicure, facial, manicure and a full body massage. This is the ultimate stress reliever enjoyed individually, with your soul mate and/or with your bridesmaids. Maui has many self indulgent, luxurious and pampering spa locations. See our Maui Bride Guide To Maui Pampering Paradise.

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