packing for a maui wedding

The Ultimate Maui Wedding Packing Guide

packing for maui

You’ve been planning your Maui wedding for months now and it is finally time to pack your bags! Woohoo!

Of course, the first things you’ll want to make sure you have is everything you need for the big day. This includes your wedding attire and accessories, rings, vows, and any special decor items. If you have a particular outfit you want to wear for your rehearsal dinner, remember to pack that, too.

Hawaii is a pretty casual place, so the rest of your clothes should be focused on comfort. For most of the island, this translates to lightweight, breathable clothing. Ideally, we recommend clothes made out of breathable cotton or moisture-wicking clothes that will dry quickly in case you get sweaty or caught in a rain shower. Lighter shades of clothing will be cooler to wear on warm, sunny days.

Be sure to bring sunglasses and use suntan lotion while in Maui

Sunglasses, preferably polarized ones, are important. Sunscreen is also a must, though you may want to save room by picking that up once you arrive on island. Be sure to pick reef-safe sunscreen and pick a higher SPF than you normally wear at home, at least 30 if not 50+ depending on your skin type.

Although Maui is a tropical location, it is filled with microclimates and some of those areas can be fairly rainy, especially Haiku and Hana. You will want to be prepared with a waterproof rain jacket and bring a light sweater along as it can get cold at night, especially if you are visiting during winter months. Sugar Beach Events is located in the sunniest location on Maui, but sometimes even we get a sprinkle or two.

You don’t need to get very dressed up for dining out. Higher end restaurants tend to have “resort wear” as their dress code. For guys, this could mean a nice t-shirt and shorts or a short-sleeved collared shirt and pants. If there is any time to wear one, this would definitely be the right time to wear a Hawaiian shirt, or aloha shirt as they are called here. For ladies, resort wear includes clothes like sundresses or a top with pants or a skirt. Footwear doesn’t have to be fancy. Most times you could get away with a nice pair of flip flops.

The key is to pack things that you need and not take up valuable suitcase real estate with stuff you won’t use. First, consider what kinds of activities you will be doing leading up to the wedding and your honeymoon.

keep it casual

Are you going to the beach or pool every day?

Are you planning on doing water activities like snorkeling or surfing?

Are you going on any hikes? Are they dry hikes or wet, muddy hikes?

Are you going on the Road to Hana?

Are you visiting Haleakala crater?

Since they don’t take up that much space, you will probably want to bring two swimsuits. This will allow the first one to dry overnight and give you more even tan lines. If you are going swimming in the ocean, snorkeling, or surfing, make sure your swimsuit fits well. You want a swimsuit that will stay put in the waves to avoid any wardrobe malfunctions. 😳 Pack a swimsuit coverup as most resorts request that you wear swimsuit coverups and footwear in restaurants, lobbies, and other common areas that are not immediately around the pool.

Hiking is a great way to explore the island, and different types of hikes can call for different clothing. For example, the Hoapili Trail in La Perouse and the Lahaina Pali Trail are going to be hot. You’ll want to wear breathable clothing in light colors, wear sunscreen and bring more to reapply, and have real shoes (not flip flops) on. You may also want to wear a hat. If you burn easily, wear a rash guard or compression shirt to protect your skin.

If you’re going on the Road to Hana and want to adventure to Twin Falls or the Pipiwai Trail at Oheo Gulch, getting wet is a real possibility. If you forgot to pack a rain jacket, pick up a poncho at Walmart or Target. It’s not the most fashionable, but it will save you from getting soaked. You may also want to bring reef shoes or a hiking sandal that you don’t mind getting muddy.

Some parts of Maui are rather wet and rainy

Certain activities such as ziplining, ATV tours, and horseback riding, are going to be more enjoyable in pants. You can wear these on the plane to save space. Just pack shorts and flip flops in your carry on to change into at the airport if you’re arriving in the morning or afternoon. Pants or shorts are also recommended over dresses or skirts if you’re going on a boat or helicopter tour as it can be windy.

If you are going up to Haleakala crater for sunrise, sunset, or stargazing, you will want to wear AT LEAST long pants, a long sleeved shirt, sweater or light jacket, socks, and closed-toed shoes. You may also want to pack a beanie, scarf, or gloves and bring a blanket from your hotel or condo to keep you warm. The summit is 10,023 feet high and anywhere that high in elevation is bound to be cold, especially before the sun is out.

If you are planning to hike around after sunrise, wear layers that you can peel off. It usually gets pretty warm once the sun is out. Then you will want to apply your sunscreen.

If you are going to doing lots of adventuring in Hawaii, you may want to bring a Hydroflask. It’s really important to stay hydrated and the Hydroflask is nice because it will keep your water cold. You may also want to pack wet wipes and basic first aid supplies.

The less you pack, the better. Save as much room as you can for bringing back souvenirs like chocolate covered macadamia nuts and guava jelly.

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