What To Do On Maui When It Rains

Things to do on maui on a rainy day

One of the many great things about having your Maui wedding at Sugar Beach Events is that we are located on the sunny side of the island. Plus, on the rare chance that it does rain, we have an indoor backup plan that still allows for an outdoor view of the ocean steps away.

But what happens if it decides to rain before your wedding day or during your Maui honeymoon? Fear not, here are some great options for Maui fun without the sun.

Public Events At Our Maui Venue

We have some incredible public events at our venue. Each month offers something new — cooking classes, movie nights, and our newest show… the Maui Culinary Theater. The best way to stay in the loop with what’s happening each month is by signing up for our newsletter: http://eepurl.com/cSSwkL.

Maui Ocean Center

Learn more about Hawaii’s marine environment and local culture at one of the top aquariums. Most of the Maui Ocean Center exhibits are indoors, including a 750,000-gallon Open Ocean exhibit with a 240-degree view acrylic tunnel, one of the largest collections of live Pacific corals, 20 daily presentations, and the Humpbacks of Hawai‘i Exhibit & Sphere, a virtual whale encounter that brings you eye-to-eye with the majestic humpback whale.


Want to get an even closer look at sea life? Head underwater with Atlantis Submarines Maui. You’ll venture to depths of 100 feet and beyond to view indigenous fish, coral, and other marine life on an artificial reef created by a replica of a 19th century supply vessel named Carthaginian.

Art Galleries

Along with shops and restaurants, Front Street in Lahaina boasts many fine art galleries with a range of artwork. Much of the walkway is covered, so you and your sweetie can browse different galleries, dreaming of which pieces would look perfect in your home. The galleries offer Art Night every Friday evening. Many galleries offer special events, including featuring artists in person.

Island Art Party

Become an artist yourself at Island Art Party. Really anyone who can hold a paintbrush and follow simple instructions can create a masterpiece of their very own.

Escape Room

See if you can solve the mystery at one of Maui’s escape rooms. You have to figure out a series of puzzles and riddles using clues, hints, and strategy to complete the room’s mission. This would be a great bonding exercise for your bridal party or families.

Take a Drive

It’s pretty common for it to be raining in one area and completely sunny somewhere else on Maui. Sometimes, all it takes is a two minute drive.


Not so nice weather means it’s the perfect day to pamper yourself with a spa day. Try a traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage. This massage is known for long, flowing, dance-like strokes, often using the forearms, in order to increase the recipient’s spiritual energy and mana (personal power).

Trampoline Park

When the weather’s not ideal for outdoor adventuring but you’re not one to sit still, Ultimate Air Maui is a great spot to burn some energy, especially if you have kids in your party. There’s ample room for bouncing around plus a space for dodgeball, basketball, and a foam pit.

Maui Arts & Cultural Center

Maui Arts & Cultural Center (“The MACC”) is a performing arts venue and exhibit space for visual artists. In other words, it’s one of the main places on Maui to catch a cool concert or art exhibit – two fun things to do when the sun is hiding.


Interested in discovering more about Maui’s history? The island has several historic sites where you can learn about Hawaiian culture, the once-thriving sugar industry, and life in the time of the missionaries. The Alexander & Baldwin Sugar Museum, Bailey House Museum, and many sites managed by Lahaina Restoration Foundation are indoor locations that offer an insight into how Maui’s past has shaped the island it is today.

What NOT to Do When It Rains On Maui

There are definitely activities you should avoid when it’s rainy. Not only will you not be able to get the full experience, the rain could make it downright dangerous.


Maui hikes often involve uneven, rocky terrain that may become slippery or muddy in the rain. While the rain would help to ensure you wouldn’t get too sunburnt, the view will probably get lost, or be a fraction of how nice it could be. You should especially avoid hikes that involve crossing through water, like waterfall hikes. The general rule of thumb is stay away from streambeds, no matter how mild they look, if it appears to be raining upslope. The risk of flash flooding could make it too dangerous to make it to or back from your destination. Flash floods, as its name suggests, often happen without warning. Plus, those types of hikes have poor cell phone reception, so it’s difficult to call for help.


Sunny weather and calm water are the best conditions for snorkeling because you want to be able to see the fish clearly and swim easily. Heavy rains can cause run-off and stir up sediment, creating murky conditions. If the water isn’t clear, not only can you not see the marine life, sharks have a hard time seeing you and may confuse you for food.

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana involves lots of hairpin turns and one lane bridges that can be tricky to navigate even on the nicest of days. This definitely isn’t a drive you want to do in the rain when the road is slick and visibility is poor.

Haleakala Crater

The view from Haleakala Crater is absolutely stunning, but if it’s raining, the sky will be gray and most likely foggy. You’ll miss out on those beautiful sunrise colors. And it will be even colder!

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